No Weight Change Detected: Troubleshooting Tips

Major diaper blowout post-bottle? Massive spit up after a feeding session? Fresh outfit and swaddle? All potential culprits if the Smart Changing Pad does not detect a change in weight after a feeding.

It’s best to keep your baby in the same diaper, outfit, blanket, etc. as much as possible when weighing your baby before and after a feeding. Keeping any factors that may impact your baby’s weight the same, as well as reweighing them as soon as a feeding is over, will give you the most precise measurement of how much your baby ate. In other words, that fresh diaper you put on after a feeding may negate (in weight!) what your baby just ate!

It’s also possible for breastfed babies to “comfort nurse,” also known as non-nutritive suckling, which may explain why no change in weight is detected. Comfort nursing is a common way for breastfed babies to soothe themselves.

If you have any concerns about your baby’s weight or how much they are eating, please contact your pediatrician.