Q: When can I buy the Smart Changing Pad?
A: Shipment for the Smart Changing Pad will begin in Fall 2015.

Q: What if I can’t wait? Can I get the Smart Changing Pad sooner?
A: We have an ambassadors program going on right now. If you’re passionate about the Smart Changing Pad and would like to use one now, please email us at support@hatchbaby.com to see if you qualify.

Q: What is the Smart Changing Pad made from?
A: The Smart Changing Pad is made from baby-safe materials found in most nurseries. The machine-washable cover for the changing pad is made from cotton and/or polyester. The changing pad base is made from durable ABS plastic, which is used to make most high quality home products.

Q: How do I care for my Smart Changing Pad?
A: Since we know babies get messy, the fabric changing pad cover is removable and machine-washable. The changing pad base can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Q: Are there any small or dangerous parts I should worry about?
A: No! At Hatch, we’re parents, too, and we know how important safety is when you have a baby. The Smart Changing Pad has no cords and no loose or small parts.

Q: What are the technical requirements for using the Smart Changing Pad?
A: You need home WiFi (2.4GHz wireless network) and either an iPhone (running IOS8 or higher) or Android (running Ice Cream Sandwich or higher) smartphone.

Q: Is the WiFi the Smart Changing Pad uses safe for my baby?
A: Yes. According to the World Health Organization, WiFi exposes you to less radiofrequency signals than radios and TV and hasn’t been shown to cause any negative health effects.

Q: How long does the battery in the Smart Changing Pad last?
A: Since the Smart Changing Pad is only on while in use, we expect the batteries (4 C batteries) to last at least six months.

Q: How does the Smart Changing Pad track my baby’s information?
A: Your baby’s diaper changes are recorded in the app every time you use the Smart Changing Pad to change your baby. You can also weigh your baby on the Smart Changing Pad before and after a feeding and send the feeding amount to the app.

Your baby’s length, sleep times, and feedings (when you don’t want to record the feeding amount by weighing your baby on the Smart Changing Pad) can be manually added to the app from your smartphone.

Q: Can I access my baby’s information from more than one device?
A: Yes, you can access the Smart Changing Pad app and your baby’s account from any iPhone or Android smartphone, making it easy for multiple caregivers to keep track of a baby’s day.

Q: Can I use the Smart Changing Pad app without using the device?
A: Yes, you can use the app as a regular baby tracking app to manually record your baby’s feedings, diaper changes, sleep, weight, and length.

Q: Can I use the Smart Changing Pad for more than one child?
A: We’ve set up the Smart Changing Pad and app so it can be used for one child or for twins.

Q: Where did you get the data to determine my baby’s growth percentile?
A: At launch, our data comes from the World Health Organization (WHO). Soon after launch, we’ll be releasing growth data from Hatch babies just like yours.

Q: Is Hatch currently hiring?
A: Yes! If you’re passionate about our vision, please send us an email describing your interest and background to jobs@hatchbaby.com.

Have a question we haven’t answered here? Ask us at support@hatchbaby.com.

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